Innovate Your Moments With Candid Wedding Photographer


If you have worried about finding the perfect photographer for your special day, then you can now stop looking, as if you are reading this then you are on the website of a man who really will capture your day exactly as you want it. From the outset of our mission of finding a photographer for our special day, photographer in Lucknow was fabulous, they made us feel comfortable and confident with him in our first meeting at their studio, put us at ease on our pre-wedding shoot, made us laugh through the whole process, and finally captured our amazing day perfectly.

sahu photographs 2

We love our photographs and have not stopped looking at them for a wedding photographer in Lucknow gave us the disc.  A lot of our guests asked how we knew him and were very surprised that we had just found him through an internet search and that we didn’t know him socially. All our guests commented on how professional, friendly, approachable and unobtrusive he was.

They seemed to be everywhere all the time without getting in the way; they would also encourage our friends and family to take pictures as well. They put every one of our guests at total ease throughout our day so people were relaxed and we got the natural shots we were after. Our pictures were ready nice and quickly and we could not be happier with them.

Enchanting and Jovial Images By Sahu Photographers

sahu photographs

As wedding photographers Sahu Photographers perform an excellent job at my sister’s wedding. All the images that they clicked at the Sangeet, Mehendi and wedding function are really awesome and. They are so beautiful and enchanting that they are giving the natural feel and there is no impression of artificiality.

We booked wedding photographer in Lucknow for capturing the photographs of sangeet, mehendi, and wedding. The images that they clicked in sangeet were so viable and adorable. They captured beautiful photographs that were giving the impression of live performance going around there and not to forget the funny and jovial images that were taken on photo booths tagged with special quotes were crazy, unique and memorable. Mehendi photographs were enchanting, having the perfect combination of colors and lighting. Images of my sister with different hand posing were adorable. Then, finally the wedding photographs had been just out of the box, the creativity that the candid wedding photographer in Lucknow puts in capturing the various poses of the bride and groom made them unique and hard to find in any other wedding album.

Their clicked photographs show that how capable and skilled they are with their hands. They turned a simple movement into dreamy and special one, with their photography skill.

Thus photographs clicked by Sahu photographers were satisfactory and beautiful.

Winsome Family Clicks By Sahu Studio

candid photographer in Lucknow

Every event which are gone, never come back again and you can only recall those jovial moments later on. Photographs help to revive those moments. In this busy lifestyle nowadays the time spent with family is crucial one must always these moments as this helps a person to fight against odds.

There was a birthday celebration organized by my family for my niece. As a birthday celebration was fun for her and a chance to collect lots of gifts- the thing for which she was most excited about, it was really a jovial event for my family and me as the whole family was together after a long time.  Although we want the celebration to be short and simple with some closed ones only,ss but we hire a professional photographer to capture cheerful moments of that day.

Sahu Photographers proved to be a perfect choice. They captured flawless and amiable images of our family showcasing emotion and love between the family members. Being a candid photographer in Lucknow he catches perfect candid shots with his camera lens.  As a photographer, he has a skill for pre-anticipating an amazing moment, which they capture in their camera making it more embellishing.

Photographer in Lucknow is a quintessential choice for capturing any event happening in your life. As a photographer, he is skilled and is well aware about technicalities of photography. So, they provide quality photographs in best possible prices.


Vibrancy Defines Photographs of Sahu Photographers

DSC_2471Having an extreme passion and love towards photographs I wanted a photographer who has brilliant knowledge of photography and can capture beautiful photographs for my son’s wedding. As expected Sahu photographers proved to be most appropriate photographer who had fulfill my desires.

Indian weddings are filled with colors, happy moments, love and these moments and emotions were perfectly captured by Sahu photographers. Wedding photographer in Lucknow is well equipped with modern photography equipment’s through which they were able to capture quality photographs. The creative minds of sahu photographer had given us unique and embellishing photographs of whole wedding.

Sahu photographer is extremely professional and was always present to capture every ritual that was happening around. Their professionalism is cleared by the incident that in wedding one of the rituals was happening late and they waited for it to happen and until then they didn’t had their food. This incident proved their dedication and professionalism towards their work.


Not only this, I was really impressed by the kind of photographs taken by them. They captured down all the photographs really well which were brimming with emotions. Images captured by candid photographer in Lucknow were having perfect combination of light, background and colors.

Thus I can assure to all other readers that Sahu photographers is a best team for weddings and you all can recommend them for wedding of your beloved ones for excellent results.

Before Holding a Camera, You Should Know Photography and Their Types

candid photographer in lucknowMaking a Click sound by holding a camera doesn’t make you a fruitful photographer. It’s past this. Proficient picture takers accompanied an extraordinary learning about Camera, Pose, Location and every single other calculate which interfered with the photography sessions. At whatever point you get clicked, it’s not generally a similar circumstance. At times, you took photography in your home and some of the time in wedding parties, outside areas, and so on. By keeping these things in psyches, sahu picture taker classified photography in various means.

  1. Nature Photography-Whenever you see those blossoming blooms and the diverse rainbow, you might want to catch those endowments of nature into your camera and here come the characteristic photography. Better believe it, on the off chance that you are going on a photograph shoot to catch every one of those common stuff, it should be characteristic photography. As per Photographer in Lucknow, It’s one of the best classifications as we have every one of those delightful habitations of nature in our little camera and you will feel yourself lauded at whatever point you experience those photos.
  2. Occasion Photography-When you are heading off to any unique event, the photography you took expected to be occasion photography. Formal and capacities, parties, and so on are the sub-classes of it. The fever of Event photography is getting to be noticeably well known step by step as individuals don’t need themselves to take photographs of their own function so we generally anticipate an occasion picture taker.
  3. Natural life Photography-It’s a sort of enterprise photography where you take the photos of creatures, some are stills and some are in movement. Untamed life photography has the more extensive degree. In the event that you can catch feelings of creatures, their employment and their certainties into your camera, you are unquestionably a decent natural life picture taker.
  4. Wedding Photography- Wedding photographer in Lucknow enlightens us concerning the general population who are getting drawn in and require that minute remain with them for eternity. Wedding photography is about uniting those delightful minutes in a solitary collection. From getting tied to venture into another home, it catches that heavenly trip. The wedding has such a large number of customs and capacities into it which is additionally canvassed in this class.
  5. Form Photography-Models and famous people gone under this class. As a form picture taker, you need to stroll into the universe of design. There is an entry of new patterns on everyday schedule and you ought to be equipped for demonstrating those things to your watchers.
  6. Open Photography-Your photograph informs you profoundly regarding the minute which is in movement. Being the Candid wedding photographer in Lucknow, educates you concerning the sincere photography which weights on taking the irregular pictures of individuals who are in movement and they are ignorant of getting clicked. We can state it is a characteristic photography with sensible feelings.

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