Tips To Catch Tricky Bridal Portait By Candid Photographer


On Weddings, Brides are the flash along with the Grooms, so portraying them in a stunning way on their special day, is a job of a photographer. Sahu Photographers understand their this responsibility really well and put their best efforts to capture them in the best possible way.

In Indian Wedding bridal portraits are of huge importance, some people look forward to it while some find it boring. So for grasping the interest its important to capture the portraits of bride with some creative and innovative ideas, as done by candid photographer in Lucknow.

Some tips regarding Bridal Portraits are:

  • Don’t Let Your Bride Move Frequently, Let Your Camera Work: Once you set the bride to pose, don’t let her move. Shoot her with different angles, by giving the slight shift to your camera.
  • Capture The Attaire: Don’t forget to capture the high-budget and lavish bridal dress of the bride. Capture it fully from far, then take close up, try both horizontal and vertical shots.
  • Try Different, Yet Innovative Poses: Now along with your photographic technique, your poses set the mark to bridal portraits. Try on different poses like a headshot, face close up with different expressions – smiling, shying, serious, looking away, look down, back shot. All these shots when are taken skillfully, will definitely astonish you and your clients.
  • Make Use Of Bridal Outfits and Bangels: While capturing the bridal portrait, it’s important to make innovative use of bridal outfits and bangles as this brings variety to the photography and also make it more interactive.


Add Groom: After having an only bridal portrait, it’s time to have some lovely poses with bride and groom. With creativity and skill a photographer can shine the portrait of the couple.


Photograph Your Special Moments With The Best Wedding Photographer


In the event that we discuss wedding photos, at that point they are not clicked with those customary techniques. Wedding photography, culture has refined and redesigned it from multiple points of view in order to make those photos all the more exuberant, jaunty and critical. The expert photographs of Sahu Studio are particularly mindful of these most recent patterns of photography through with them are constantly prepared to catch enhancing photos of their customers.

Being an accomplished proficient photographer here we are calling attention to most recent photography patterns.

  • Get Ready Shots Of Groom: Yes, as per the most recent patterns, as a photographer you should catch some prepare shots of prep as well, as these days they too don’t miss any chance to awe the lady of the hour. In this way, catch them as well, alongside lady of the hour’s ‘prepare’ shots.
  • Back-lit Photographs: According to the wedding photographer in Lucknow the most recent pattern in wedding photography is to catch the lady of the hour in an eccentric path by putting the light at the back and afterward catching a shot. This shot turns out a treat for the watchers.
  • Bokeh Technique: Bokeh procedure is another approach to render the dazzling wedding photos as it sets out the otherworldly impact on the wedding photo and on your memory also.
  • Over the head shots: Wedding photo will end up being truly excellent, on the off chance that you catch some stunning couple photos from the best. A sprinkling of blooms of the best will make it more lovely.

With these most recent patterns, any guileless picture taker could render numerous more lovely shots and could step up the models of his/her photography. Not just this, with the shots like this you can set out an extremely great picture of your on the customer’s brain.

How To Have Some Amazing Pre-Wedding Photographs?


Do you have a craze for a pre-wedding shoot, but still wondering how to have that awesome pre-bridal shoot? Don’t worry Sahu Photographers is here for you all. Being skilled and experienced professional photographers, photographers of this studio never let it’s client disappoint. According to professional photographer of Sahu Photographers, for having an amazing pre-wedding shoot one must have a skillful photographer with wonderful ideas.

Photographer in Lucknow is here notifying us all the tips for pre-wedding shoot, lets check it out:

  • Select the photographer who could understand your desires and personality:

It’s pre-wedding shoot, so it’s important to let your photographer know about your desires with this shoot. A photographer should analyze your and your partner’s personality and click down accordingly.

  • Work on your look:

In photography, it’s ready important to be dressed up properly. For having some outstanding pre-wedding photography, you two must work on your look and wear some well coordinated clothes with bright colors as bright colors comes out beautifully in photographs.

  • Keep a prior check on your location:

Your shoot location depends on the type of photography you want. So choose your pre-wedding photography locations accordingly. You can try on places like gardens, beaches, palaces, markets, etc.

  • Set your mood – Have fun:

Don’t go for a pre-wedding shoot just for doing it. Keep your energy level high and enjoy it. Focus on having a good time with your partner, be in a jovial mood and enjoy every bit of it.

  • Be enthusiast, confident and show some love:

It’s your body language with could turn around your pre-wedding photography. So be confident and be full of enthusiasm and love while having pre-wedding photography as this attitude wouldn’t only bond you two well but also give some amazing photographs.

Photograph Your Wedding With Astonished Photographers


Wedding is the occasion which can be loved for lifetime with the assistance of the wedding collections. We were searching for the individual who can help us in catching our recollections, so we were in a chase of photographer for our uncommon day. Our inquiry end over the Sahu Photographer when we looked into their site over the web. Having Sahu picture taker as our wedding photographer was extraordinary compared to other choices we could have made. They took me from learning about super worried, to quiet and energized.

Candid photographer in Lucknow was so proficient and composed and you could tell they are decent at their activity. On the day, they simply did everything without me notwithstanding taking note. They were such a quiet nearness to have there on the day, despite the fact that they were continually working, I scarcely even knew they were there – that is the means by which astounding sahu photographer was. For the photograph shoots they influenced us to feel so good, we could truly simply unwind and appreciate being at the time. We likewise truly felt like they went well beyond what was anticipated from them.


The photographs of our wedding are so astounding, the best wedding photographs I have ever observed! We are quite recently so upbeat and will exceedingly prescribe Sahu picture taker to anybody searching for a photographic artist. We will utilize them later on for some other photography needs. We are truly extremely content with the work which Sahu picture taker has appeared to us, quite recently stunning.

Wedding Photographs Must Be Captured By A Photographer

Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

So, gone are the days when Wedding Photography was only limited to some couple photographs bridal pose and family photographs. Now wedding albums are filled with creative, joyous and momentous photographs, which have much to be talked about. If you are looking for such photographers, Sahu Photographers here are the best option. Professional photographers of Sahu Photographers are the photographers who can blow up the wedding photographs with their innovative ideas and creativity.

With immense experience, photographer in Lucknow has observed some ‘must-clicked’ photographs of bride as these photographs make their special day more special and add-on beautiful memories for life. Some of them are as follows:

  • Under Tippet Shot: This bridal shot if clicked right comes out so beautifully. Right use of lighting and technique can give you the amazing photographs.
  • Bridal Portraits with Innovative Ideas: So when bride doll herself, as photographers we are obliged to click down some amazing bridal portraits. Beauty of bridal portraits lies on the fact – how creatively those bridal portraits are clicked.
  • Individual clicks with Parents and Siblings: There are numerous cases wherein the mashup of wedding, there are no bridal photographs with her parents or siblings, so don’t forget to capture it.
  • Couple Shots: The charm of couple photographs depends on the creativity and skills of photographers. So, photographers click down some amazing shots through your camera. Candid photographs would be icing on the cake!
  • Family Photograph: A classic family photograph is something not to be missed as you will never get a chance to capture such an alluring portrait with all generations just in one click.

Along with all these, don’t forget to click down whole portrait of the bride in her lehenga, wedding cards. These wedding shots are something which must not be missed as these are beautiful moments which are lifetime remembrance.

Photography Which Capturing The Beauty Of Your Life


Photography has turned into the new methods for satisfaction and furor. Photography has spread its measurement of changed purposes and events, that is the reason it has turned into the essential piece of our way of life. Be that as it may, for uncommon events, for example, weddings we do require proficient photography to make those snapshots of our life considerably more significant and enduring.

When I think about any such expert photographer  the main name which comes into my brain is Sahu Studio. Proficient picture takers of this studio have rendered colossal of excellent weddings and other occasion photos to their customer and as yet proceeding with the same. As expert picture takers they have cleaned themselves with unmatched photographic abilities through which they have clicked down some astounding photos for their customers.

Photographer in Lucknow concentrate on putting out most ideal picture. As expert picture takers, photographic artists of this studio click down the pictures which are exceptionally normal and heart-touching. The ability of these picture takers to click down the chain of photos gives adorning and open photos which aren’t just pivotal yet in addition are extremely regular.


Candid photos have their own particular appeal and are significantly more interfacing than some other photos. Picture takers of this studio have aced themselves as both wedding picture takers and real to life photographic artists. They give a wide range of administrations, regardless of whether its photography or videography.

Fill Your Wedding Album With Snaps Which Will Encounter Your Moments With Sahu Photographer

wedding-photography-11Either you are going to any formal office meeting or having an informal meet with your friend a photograph has become the necessity. Every event of your life is photographed, so we can say that the whole world is drowned in images nowadays. Mobile phones have made snapping photograph so easy, but when we talk about quality, are those photographs fine? For capturing special moments of our life, it’s really necessary to have professional photography. Professional photography brings the new light to whole photography, when we look for professional photographer there is one and only name Sahu Photographer that comes to my mind.

Sahu Photographers being much experienced and professional photographers click down the snaps which become memory for you. Wedding photographer in Lucknow of this salon is so much trained, experienced and skill that they know very well ‘what to click and when to click’. Professional photographers of this studio believe in clicking down photographs that are not merely snaps but also capture moment too. If we talk about momentous photographs, candid photography is best for it, as it carries naturality with it. With years of experience, Sahu photographers have mastered in analyzing skill. They are very much fluent in analyzing the ‘right moment’ for capturing the photograph.

When we talk about wedding photography, all these skills become much more significant. There are numerous of moments at such events such as jovial moment of the bride or groom with her brother/sister, emotional moment of the bride or groom with her/his parents, moments when laughing stock is given by relatives and what not! Sahu photographers never fail in capturing such moments, all these captures by professional photographers of this studio makes the wedding album of their clients full of life and momentous.

Innovative in The Moments And Creative In Their Work


We had the pleasure of having Sahu photographer be the picture taker for our goal wedding. It was a joy to work with appropriate from the word go. They in a flash influenced us to feel quiet and made the entire arranging process so casual, it was a solace to know we were working with such an expert photographer in Lucknow. A month prior to the wedding we had our pre-wedding shoot, which allowed us to get comfortable with being captured and we go for some truly delightful common shots which we utilized for a visitor book.

Every one of our visitors remarked on how lovely these were alongside the photos that were shown on the site after the wedding. Neither of us were enthusiasts of arranging pictures which we had seen such huge numbers of times from different weddings, so we needed our day to be caught as normally as could reasonably be expected and this was a simple assignment with Sahu Studio. They caught everything in its regular habitat and each photo was so exceptional.

Notwithstanding for a few visitors who are not used to being shot, he influenced them to feel comfortable. He was wherever on the day catching each minute, yet without being excessively meddling. He was more similar to a companion at the wedding instead of a picture taker. We would profoundly prescribe Sahu studio to any couple getting hitched. His photos bring back such a large number of recollections of our extraordinary day that goes very rapidly. It’s awesome to have such incredible snaps to think back on.

Photograph Which Glamorize Your Moments In a Single Roof

Sahu Photographers

With change in time there is an extraordinary change in photography as well. It has been advanced to a more prominent level. Photography isn’t just about gathering recollections these days it’s more about having some good times. It’s fun that is affecting photos and individuals to posture. As indicated by Sahu Studio, this adjustment in photo-graphics design has acquired an incredible assorted variety the photos, it isn’t restricted to photos where at least two individuals get clicked just by sitting or remaining next to each other. With years of involvement in the field of photography, photographer in Lucknow had watched how photography has developed with time.

For clicking down a stunning photo a picture taker needs to experience a tremendous preparing, practice and inventiveness. With the blend of these three things abilities of a picture taker is produced. Picture takers of Sahu studio are profoundly prepared and talented with photographic abilities. Their magnificence in the method for clicking down photos has always inspired their customers. Other than photographic abilities, it’s their innovativeness which has rendered their customers impeccable photos. This is inventiveness and right procedure of catching photos which have the effect. Any picture taker who has ordered these two things can render stunningness stock photos at each shot.

Be that as it may, simply giving the quality photos isn’t the main thing through which customers are fulfilled by a wedding photographer in Lucknow. Their steady endeavors for keeping themselves refreshed with the most recent patterns and conventions likewise assume a noteworthy part in the upkeep of their photography level. Their capacity to continually alter themselves with the most recent swing encourages them to fulfill their customers to a more extreme level. Polished skill of the photographer of this Studio can likewise be judged by the way that they put their most extreme endeavors for catching each and every shot. Their enthusiasm towards their calling upgrades their energy to catch the capturing photos.

On the off chance that I discuss their hold towards the most recent form of photography it could be translated by their most recent wedding clicks, particularly lady of the hour’s photos. There is a consistent saying that marriage photos are to a great degree redundant and unremarkable, so expel this line of thought proficient photographer of Sahu Studio had clicked down some out-of-the-case and silly photos of the ladies which thoroughly emerges from other conventional wedding photos.

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